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Why Us

AWK Technologies is one of the top and leading web & app developer in Pakistan. We specialize in designing, developing and implementation of high quality, great looking web systems and apps for large multi-national corporations, small medium enterprises and government entities.

Our focus for our clients are simple; to create the best software and app product for you, no matter the industry and size. We do this by ensuring our team is always technologically updated and driven.


We always try to bring something new and better for our clients. We don’t depend on available traditional interfaces and designs. Our aim is to increase ease and control in applications. So, we design our own controls and interfaces to give the quick and powerful control to users


We at AWKT, promise an initial Quick Response to IT Support issues. This further ensures no loss of time and business, due to downtime issues. Not only do we respond to IT Support issues, but we also operate on proactive basis. Our team of IT experts, keep a close eye on your networks at all times. This means, we often spot and rectify any IT problems, before you even notice them. Our IT team has the ability to often fix any problems you may be experiencing, just by accessing your servers remotely


Excellence is one of the most important values for us. All the projects are supervised by experts having a vast experience in the concerned fields. None of the development phase is less important so we check each step-in standard ways to assure the quality of our products


Your remote team, as reliable as an in-house one, we take the stress out of remote cooperation by employing the best management practices and focusing on clear and efficient communication at every stage of the process. Thus, we are able to provide increased transparency and timely results


The I.T. industry is changing with the pace of time. Many new tools are developed, and many new technologies are introduced each day. So, we keep ourselves up to date and improve our products with the help of latest technologies. It is our goal to provide the best to our valuable clients

24/7 Support

We do believe in customer care, not only during the period of development process but after the completion of projects. We built long term relationship with our clients by providing them in time after sales services